SANA participates in a cultural and tourism event in Shanxi Province, China

Beijing, SANA- The Chinese province of Shanxi has witnessed a cultural tourism event entitled ” Daka China “, which comes as part of the media plan to convey an image on the Chinese culture to the peoples of the world.

The opening ceremony of the event was held at the Museum of the Yellow River Cultural Park in the city of “Yan Shen”, in the presence of a number of officials in the Chinese state, the media sector and the cyberspace sector, with the participation of the Syrian Arab News Agency “SANA” and a number of other international media agencies.

The event will last for seven days, during which the focus will be on several topics, including sharing the experience of the Yellow River, preserving it, investing the surrounding places, the experience of natural agriculture, dry places and their typical reclamation and the methods of preserving, supporting and reviving villages.

The event also includes a visit to the intersection of the China Wall with the Yellow River, a view of the surrounding dams and the industrial experience in the field of electric cars.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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