Gen. Abbas: Syria, with support of friendly countries, advancing steadily on path to victory

Moscow, SANA- Minister of Defense, Gen. Ali Mahmoud Abbas has stressed that Syria, with the support of friendly countries, is advancing steadily on the path to victory over terrorism and restoring stability.

During Moscow Int’l Security Conference, Gen. Abbas added that the conference is of urgent importance to confront projects of hegemony and colonialism.

“The doors of Syria are always open to everyone who comes as a friend and lover while those who target our land, our history, and our future with aggression and destruction, they will find before them people who reject humiliation and make every sacrifice for the sake of the dignity of their homeland,” Minister Abbas said.

General Abbas added “We call on the international community to exert pressure to lift the unjust coercive measures imposed on Syria by the United States and some Western regimes.”

“We stress the necessity of ending the American and Turkish occupation of parts of the Syrian territories in order to extend the state’s control over them and to be able to invest their national resources that are subject to looting and theft,” Gen. Abbas said.

General Abbas affirmed that Russia, with its political and military leadership, headed by President Vladimir Putin, and in cooperation with its friends, is able to put an end to US arrogance and European intransigence, restore things to normal, and impose respect for international law on everyone who tries to tamper with it and breach its balance.

Maximum efforts should be exerted to address these aggressive and subversive policies that will only lead to the continuation of chaos and destruction, the spread of terrorism, disasters and conflicts, and consequently the continued suffering of peoples who face great dangers posed by epidemics and food and social insecurity, which necessitates putting in place effective mechanisms to reduce this suffering and chart a better future for our coming generations whose main title is “amity, peace and stability”, he added.

Abbas stressed that Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, is looking forward to enhancing cooperation with friendly and allied countries in all fields, particularly in the field of combating terrorism, reconstruction and consolidating security and stability in the region and the world, and at the same time demands the international community to assume its moral and humanitarian responsibilities towards all peoples in our region.

“Our region, which suffers from the scourge of war, destruction, terrorism and epidemics, is subjected to systematic destruction targeting its history and human civilization. The right to life and self-determination must be safeguarded away from injustice, domination and exploitation practiced by some forces and regimes that support terrorism and that do not value neither law, nor humanitarian or moral principles” he went on to say.

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