US occupation loots 100 tankers of Syrian oil – heading to northern Iraq

Hasaka, SANA-US occupation intensified the operations of stealing the resources of the Syrian people and transferring them to their bases in Iraqi lands, as SANA’s camera observed dozens of tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil heading to the illegitimate Mahmoudiya border crossing on their way to northern Iraq.

“Over the past hours, the US occupation forces brought out a convoy of 100 tankers filled with Syrian oil from Hasaka countryside to its bases in the Iraqi lands through the crossing.” local sources from Al-Yaarubiyah countryside told SANA reporter.

The US occupation transferred Saturday a convoy of 89 tankers loaded with stolen oil to its bases in the Iraqi territories through the same crossing, which is dedicated for looting oil from the Syrian fields.

Bushra Dabin /Baraa Ali

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