Syria offers condolences to Cuba over oil tanks’ victims in Matanzas city

Damascus, SANA- Syria expressed its condolences and sympathy  with Cuba over the victims of the fires erupted at oil storage tanks in the city of Matanzas, which claimed the life of one citizen and injured many more.

“Syria voices its sincere condolences and profound sympathy with Cuba’s government and people, along with the families of the victims of the fires that broke out in the oil storage tanks in Matanzas city which resulted in the death of one citizen and the injury of others” Foreign ministry said in statement.

“Syria stands by the friendly Republic of Cuba, leadership and government, in this painful ordeal and supports all the efforts exerted by its government to reduce the losses caused by these fires” the ministry stressed.

“Syria also renews its solidarity with Cuba in facing all challenges represented in completing the development process and Strengthening Cuba’s resilience in the face of the economic sanctions imposed on it by the US which should not be content with making empty statements about the impact of these fires”,the statement concluded.


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