Laodicea ship begins unloading its cargo at Tartous port after false allegations against it

Tartous, SANA- Laodicea ship docked at Tartous port and it is preparing to unload its cargo of flour and barley.

The ship has been detained for days in the Lebanese port of Tripoli following allegations by the Ukrainian Ambassador in Beirut.

The General- Director of the Maritime Transport Company, Hassan Mahalla, said that Laodicea is one of the ships owned by the Syrian Corporation for Maritime Transport, and the Russian company contracted to transport a quantity of goods from a Russian port to the Mediterranean ones.

The cargo included five thousand tons of flour and barley and the plan was to unload five thousand tons of flour in Lebanese port of Tripoli, and the rest to be unloaded in Tartous port.

He added that after the arrival of the ship last July 25th to the Tripoli port, we were informed of its detention, with a judicial proceeding from the Lebanese judiciary, following allegations by the Ukrainian Ambassador in Lebanon that the goods transported on board Laodicea were stolen.

He said that these allegations were invalid and comes in the context of the war against Syria and the unjust and unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people to prevent and delay the arrival of food items to Tartous port.

Mahalla noted that the ship submitted all documents on the goods regarding their origin and health certificates, as well as the ship’s certificates, and the Ukrainian ambassador’s complaint was denied.

It should be noted that the ship Laodicea has been owned by the Maritime Transport Company since 2007 of with a total tonnage of 13,000 tons, capable of transporting strategic payloads, and equipped with two cranes, each with a capacity of 120 tons.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza

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