Syrian-Indonesian discussions on enhancing trade – related relations

Jakarta, SANA- Chargé de ’affairs at the Syrian Embassy in Indonesia, Abdel Moneim Annan, discussed with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce means of enhancing trade relations between two countries.

During meeting at  the Syrian embassy headquarters, Annan discussed with the Chairman of the Bilateral Trade Relations Committee with Syria and Iraq at the Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia, Ridwan Hamid means of enhancing trade and economic relations between Syria and Indonesia in the fields of energy, investment, medical and pharmaceutical components, and food products such as rice, cooking oil and coffee.

Both sides agreed to hold a virtual meeting, bringing together businessmen from both parties, in which focus will be placed on the priorities set by the Syrian side in terms of import and export.

Annan said that Indonesia as a member of G20 with its great economy has to seize the opportunity and to increase trade exchange with Syria, and to discusses relevant matters during Syria’s participation in Indonesia Expo 2022 in next November.

Bushra Dabin / Amer Dawa

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