Syria, Paraguay talks to enhance cooperation in trade exchange

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, discussed with President of Senate of Paraguay Oscar Ruben Salomon Fernandez and the accompanying delegation, ways to develop economic relations between the two countries.

Minister al-Khalil stressed the importance of exchanging views and dialogue on possibilities of cooperation and trade exchange, especially with regard to the materials which Syria needs, and Paraguay produces them with high specifications and at lower prices than the countries from which they are currently imported, as well as Syrian products that are exportable and needed by Paraguay markets.

Al–Khalil pointed out that the delegation’s visit had provided an opportunity for a comprehensive review of the previous cooperation agreements and projects between the two countries, and the possibility of implementing them.

For his part, Fernandez indicated that purpose of the visit to Syria is cooperate with it at political, economic and commercial fields.

Fernandez reviewed the products that Paraguay is famous for and can be exported to Syria, such as the yerba mate, as Paraguay is one of the main producers of it, as well as meat, corn, sugar and rice, stressing his country’s readiness to facilitate trade exchanges and overcome the difficulties it faces at all levels.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima

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