A Syrian dentist obtains new patent right on the Modified Diamond Root Wedge

Tartous, SANA- Dentist Aziz Abdullah, obtained a new patent right number (6237 ) on  “Modified Diamond Root Wedge”, registered it in Tishreen University.

Abdullah stated that the new invention would convert the diamond spike into root wedge that is used to consolidate the severely damaged teeth efficiently without need to any laboratory procedures which might obstruct treatment and increase the cost.

“This technique is cheap and can be done at the clinic in one treatment session and gives immediate effective results “Dr. Abdullah said.

“The research, conducted at Tishreen University, proved its efficiency compared to other manufactured wedges” he added.

He said that the master research was conducted at Tishren University on this technique in order to proving its efficiency in comparison with globally manufactured wedges as it was applied in the clinical status, as efficacy and continuance are showed.

He stressed that this new invention is to raise its ranking, as this patent will be adopted worldwide since it is registered.

Hybah Soliman- Amer dawa

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