Mrs. Asma al-Assad: pioneering projects are one of micro-economy carriers

Damascus, SANA-Mrs. Asma al-Assad on Wednesday affirmed the importance of students’ access to work market and production through the pioneering projects that constitute one of the micro-economy carriers, and by supporting the environment needed for such projects, whether in terms of training on administration or in terms of studying the economic feasibility and funding by the financial institutions concerned.

Mrs. Asma, during a visit to the first pioneering Investment Forum of “2022 opportunity,” held by the National Union for Syria’s students and the Youth Works’ Pioneers Association at Damascus University,” inspected a wide bulk of the youth projects participating in the forum, and discussed with their owners, whom all of Syrian University students and graduates, about the completing circle that should connect mentality with the pioneering ambition.

Mrs. Asma also held discussions with representatives of the supporting institutions and donors in this forum, shedding light on the role of these institutions in backing the pioneering projects.

Mazen Eyon

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