Late singer Sabah honored in ceremony at Al-Assad National Library

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Artists Guild, the Maronite Archdiocese of Damascus, and the Culture Ministry organized an event on Saturday evening at Al-Assad National Library to honor the late Lebanese singer Sabah.

The event began with a documentary on the legendary singer’s life and her most beloved songs, plays, and movies.

Sabah 2

Culture Minister Issam Khalil delivered a speech in which he said that Sabah will remain in the memory of Damascus, and that the later singer was an icon of Arabic music whose songs were a mainstay in the lives of Syrians since childhood.

In trun, Father Maron Touma said in a similar speech that Sabah brought joy to the hearts of the masses with her music, making her a legendary artist in Lebanon, the Arab world, and the world.

For his part, head of the Syrian Artists Guild Zuheir Ramadan said that Sabah will never be gone from the hearts of her fans whose lives were filled by joy thanks to her songs and her cheerful smile, adding that honoring her is a natural thing for someone who lived Syria and was loved back by the Syrian people.

Musician Suhail Arafeh also delivered a speech on behalf of the late singer’s friends, saying that he is happy to have worked and collaborated with her, while Firas Hakoum said in a speech on behalf of her family that Sabah had shined in Damascus where she lvied for several years as she did in Lebanon and Egypt.

Dureid Lahham

Actor Dureid Lahham also spoke of his experience working with Sabah when they filmed the film the Pearl Necklace in 1964, saying that he was ecstatic to have shared the screen with her in the cinematic debut, which showed how humble and dignified the late artist was.

Sabah, born Janet Feghali in 1927 in the village of Badadoun, Lebanon, was nicknamed “the Blackbird” and later was given the stage name Sabah by producer Asia Dagher who introduced her to Egypt in 1943, beginning a long and distinguished artistic career that continued until her passing in November 26, 2014.

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