Western media misleading about Russia similar to what Syria has been exposed to, David says

Prague, SANA- Czech Deputy at the European Parliament Ivan David has stressed that the campaign of lies and the propaganda being circulated by the Western media against Russia is very similar to what it had done against Syria, starting with the allegations of bombing civilian targets and ending with the allegation of the use of prohibited weapons.

In an article he published on his Facebook page, David said that these Western media outlets completely ignored what the Syrian government and media were saying about the reality of the events, and the same thing is happening today against Russia, where everything said by the Russian leaders or the Russian media is considered propaganda and they promote only allegations aimed at serving Western goals and interests

David added that this media misleading in Russia and before it in Syria aims to justify the imposition of coercive sanctions and to sabotage the Russian and Syrian economies.

Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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