Moscow: Security Council permanent members could form basis of Ukraine guarantor states

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Foreign Ministry considered that the permanent members of the UN Security Council could form the basis of the guarantor states of Ukraine, noting that this issue is being discussed during the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations.

“In these talks, the neutral, non-agglomeration and non-nuclear status of Ukraine, which requires the disarmament of this state and the eradication of Nazi ideology in it, are being considered, as well as issues related to providing it with security guarantees from a number of countries,” Director of the Second Department of the CIS Countries at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexei Polishchuk, told TASS.

Bolchuk pointed out that there are suggestions that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely Russia, the United States, China, France and Britain, form the basis for the guarantor countries, pointing out that other options are not excluded, and therefore the exact list has not been determined yet.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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