QSD militia kidnaps several civilians in Raqqa

Raqqa, SANA-US occupation-backed QSD militia closed more than twenty shops and kidnapped a number of their owners in the countryside of Raqqa during the past hours.

“The QSD militia closed 13 shops in the Tabqa market , 10 shops in al-Areed street in the city, and 3 others in al-Thani neighborhood, after armed groups affiliated with QSD raided the shops , forced their owners to leave , and kidnapped a number of its workers , taking them to unknown destinations,” local sources told SANA reporter in Raqqa.

The sources added that these practices come within the framework of the militia’s pursuit of large numbers of citizens who refuse to cooperate with it and send their children to fight in its ranks.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima

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