“Made in Syria” exhibition for wears kicks off at Fairgrounds

Damascus, SANA-With the participation of more than 60 Syrian companies, activities of the 3-day “Made in Syria” exhibition for men’s wears and leather kicked off Thursday at Fairgrounds.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil, said in a press statement that despite difficulties that face industrialists due to the delay in energy carriers, they have the ability to compete through Syrian products that meet the needs of the local markets for years.

He added that there are many businessmen who want to import Syrian Products Which are characterized by high quality and keeping pace with fashion in the world of clothing industry.

Head of Syrian Exporters Federation for Wears and Textile, for his part, said that the participating companies are high-end brands specialized in men’s clothing, which add great diversity and give the exhibition additional importance.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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