Jan. 28, beginning of construction of Eiffel Tower in France

1887 –  Beginning of construction of Eiffel Tower in France.
1909 – US withdraws its troops from Cuba except a naval base at Guantanamo Bay.
1918 – Establishment of Russian Red Army.
1924 – Saad Zaghloul forms first cabinet in Egypt.
1999 – Ford Motor Company announces the purchase of Volvo Swedish company with a price of USD 6.45 billion.

2010 – Execution of five officers  convicted of the murder of President Mujibur Rahman in Bangladesh.

1968- Space Shuttle Challenger explodes in air shortly after being launched.
2010 – Five officers executed after being convicted of Killing President of Bangladesh Mujib Rahman.
Born Today
1938 – Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri.
Passed away
1859 – Former British Prime Minister Frederick Robinson.

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