Syria demands action against terrorist acts’ perpetrators and backers

Damascus, SANA – Syria demanded on Tuesday action to bring the perpetrators of the terrorist acts in the
country and their regional and international backers to account.

A particular reference was made by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry in two identical letters addressed to the UN top officials on to the intense terrorist rocket attacks that targeted the city of Damascus last Sunday.

A hail of rocket and mortar shells fired by terrorist organizations poured down on Damascus two days ago. The shells targeted residential neighborhoods indiscriminately, leaving a trail of casualties and destruction in their wake.

The two letters, addressed to Chairman of the Security Council and the UN Secretary General, cited the firing of over 40 107 mm rocket shells, Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds on neighborhoods in the capital that are home to houses, hospitals, schools and headquarters of embassies and international organizations.

The Foreign Ministry demanded condemnation of these terrorist acts and taking measures to hold to account the perpetrators and all the regional and international forces and countries standing behind them, citing particularly Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and Qatar.

It referred that the so-called “Islam Army” terrorist group and its leader Zahran Alloush took credit of the rocket attacks, a threat of which was made clearly evident on social media websites several hours before the firing started.

The Foreign Ministry made it clear that the attacks came as a response to the increasing pace of local reconciliations achieved in the country, the army-secured departure of thousands of civilians trapped in terrorists-controlled areas in Eastern Ghouta and most recently the beginning of the preparatory talks on the crisis in the Russian capital.

It is more than evident, the Ministry said, that the armed terrorist groups are bent on trying to foil any attempt at reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

The success of such peaceful and political efforts, it added, threatens the plots of known regional and international forces which are being carried out on the ground by these Wahhabi-doctrinated terrorist groups.

The Ministry’s letters blamed countries inside and outside the region for the continuation of terrorist attacks which Syrian provinces have been subjected to for four years now.

Chief among those countries, it stressed, are Saudi Arabia and France, which “have supplied the terrorists with material and logistic support as well as political and media cover.”

While dismissing these terrorist acts as “cowardly”, the Foreign Ministry affirmed that they will affect neither the resilience of the Syrian people nor their “heroic defending of their independence, sovereignty, freedom and dignity.”

It called upon the countries which still describe these terrorist groups as “modern opposition” to refrain from that and acknowledge the real designation of those groups as “terrorist organizations”, including the so-called “Islam Army”.

The Ministry cited in this context a recent report by the UN Secretary General on the implementation of resolutions 2139, 2165 and 2191 in which the UN Chief referred to the agreement of the notorious Jabhat al-Nusra and the other terrorist groups of “Ahrar al-Sham” and “Islam Army” to form unified leadership council, operations room and Sharia court in al-Qalamoun area.

The Ministry voiced Syria’s demand that these terrorist groups be included in the Security Council’s lists of terrorist organizations given their growing threat that has spread to the entire world.

Haifa Said

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