Terrorists continue rocket attacks, killing civilians, including 6 children

Provinces, SANA – Three civilians were killed and four others were injured on Tuesday as takfiri terrorist organizations targeted the city and villages of Lattakia province with a volley of rockets.

As many as 13 rocket shells landed in farms in the villages and towns of Mashqita, al-Qallouf, Sqoubin, Ein al-Laban and Ein al-Beida in the countryside of Lattakia.

Some shells fell in al-Ziqizqaniyeh neighborhood in the city and in Jebb Hassan neighborhood on its outskirts.

A source at the Health Directorate in the province confirmed that three bodies arrived at different hospitals in the city, while four injured people are being hospitalized.

Lattakia, like Damascus and some other provinces, has been subjected to terrorist rocket and mortar attacks over the past three days, which claimed the life of a girl and three other civilians, in addition to 16 injured people in the coastal province.


Five children were killed in a terrorist attack that hit a school in Busra al-Sham city in the southern province of Daraa.

Local sources in the city told SANA that five other children who were reported injured are in critical condition.

SANA reporter earlier said several rocket shells fired by terrorists smashed into Abdul-Karim basic education school in Busra al-Sham city, wounding a number of students, with some of them suffering serious injuries.

A medical source at the National Hospital in the city was quoted as saying that 12 children had been admitted to the hospital.


Seven other civilians were reported injured when terrorists fired four rocket shells on neighborhoods in Aleppo city, northern Syria.

The four shells, which were launched by terrorists positioned in Bani Zaid neighborhood, fell in Share’ al-Nil neighborhood, injuring seven civilians and causing material damage in the site, according to SANA reporter.

On Sunday, four civilians were killed and fourteen others were injured by rocket shells fired by terrorists on
al-Ashrafia neighborhood.


A woman and a little girl were killed and the girl’s mother was injured in a terrorist rocket attacks that targeted al-Amara, al-Shagour and Bab Toma neighborhoods in Damascus.

A source at Police Command told SANA that two rocket shells landed in two houses at al-Nahlawi Avenue in al-Amara neighborhood, resulting in the death of 48-year-old Adeba Naghnagh and 9-year-old Rama al-Asali and the injuring of her mother who is in critical condition. The attack also caused heavy material damage to the two houses.

Another shell hit a house in al-Ameen Street in al-Shagour neighborhood, causing significant damage to it.

The source added that two other rocket shells landed on two houses near the Mariamite Church in the Old City, while one rocket shell landed in Sifl al-Tala Park in Bab Touma, causing extensive material damage to the areas.

Earlier on Tuesday, terrorist attacks with two rocket shells caused material damage at al-Jamarek roundabout and in al-Mazra’a residential neighborhood.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired a rocket shell that fell on al-Malek al-Adel Street in al-Mazra’a residential neighborhood, causing material damage to a number of cars and shops in the site.

Another rocket shell landed near al-Jamarek roundabout, causing material damage, the source added.


In a relevant context, terrorists shot dead a citizen while he was working in his land in Samiae village in al-Lajat area in the western countryside of Sweida province.

Local sources told SANA that terrorists infiltrated from the village of Nahtah in the eastern countryside of Daraa province and attacked a number of farmers in Samiae village, killing Amjad Abdullah Rabah.

The sources said that the attack against the farmers in the village is a desperate attempt by the terrorists to undermine the steadfastness of inhabitants who are facing the terrorist organizations.

The Takfiri terrorist organizations, whose members are belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra, are spreading in al-Lajat area which extends between the western countryside of Sweida and the western countryside of Daraa and launching repeated terrorist attacks against civilians .

Last July, an armed terrorist organization targeted a number of farmers in Libin village in the western countryside of Sweida, killing a citizen.

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