Al-Zahrawi Palace… architecture edifice in Homs that reflects glorious heritage in Syria

Homs, SANA- As soon as any visitor sets foot in al-Zahrawi Palace, which is located in old neighborhoods of Homs, he/she will feel the grandeur and splendor of this place, as its antique black stones tell a thousand stories, in addition to its heavenly space with a pool and rooms overlooking it.

The palace is located in Omar al-Mukhtar Street, with an area of 600 square meters. It is a two-story black basalt stone building, topped with domes, in addition to the presence of a water fountain at its main entrance, which is the oldest water fountain in Homs. Some of its halls contain silent figures embodying the traditions of weddings in Homs and some lanterns and cooking utensils that were used in the Mamluk period.

Nisreen/ Manar/ Mazen



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