Syrians in Cuba condemn terrorist attack on al-Amal farms in al-Quneitra and Homs blast

Havana, SANA – Syrian students and community members in Cuba strongly condemned the Zionist terrorist aggression on al-Amal Farms in Quneitra province.

In a statement issued Thursday, the students said that the Israeli occupation didn’t stop its terrorist crimes and violations, rather it cooperated directly with the armed terrorist organizations fighting in Syria and provided them with all form of arms, medical and financial support amid international silence.

They also denounced the terrorist attack which targeted Ikrima neighborhood in Homs city yesterday, noting that these crimes will enhance the Syrian people’s steadfastness and unity.

Members of the Syrian community issued a similar statement stressing that the Zionist-US war backed by Arab and regional countries aimed at destroying the last stronghold of resistance and sovereignty in the Arab world.

The community members expressed their sincere condolences to the families of martyrs who were killed in the terrorist attacks on al-Amal Farms in al-Quneitra and in the blast in Ikrima neighborhood in Homs province.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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