Susan: Syria rejects politicization of the humanitarian file in country

Nur-Sultan, SANA- Head of the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic to the 17th international meeting in Astana format, Ayman Susan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, stressed bringing in aid across border is a violation of Syrian sovereignty in support of terrorist organizations, adding that the US and Turkish occupation of parts of Syrian lands are the main reason for prolonging the crisis.

In an interview with Russia Today channel on Thursday, Susan noted that the Syrian state is exerting every possible effort, in cooperation with Russian friends to take all measures to facilitate the return of the displaced and refugees, which is related to the reconstruction process, rehabilitation of infrastructure and activating the production, but unilateral coercive measures are one of the main reasons that hinders their return.

Susan renewed Syria’s principled position in rejection of politicizing the humanitarian situation by bringing in aid across the border, as this constitutes a violation of Syrian sovereignty and support for terrorist organizations.

Susan denied any contacts with the new US administration, stressing the need for the withdrawal of the US occupation forces from the Syrian territory.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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