Pumping water to Hasaka is delayed due to the Turkish occupation attacks on power lines

Hasaka,SANA- The General Establishment of Drinking Water in Hasaka announced that the delay in pumping the water to Hasaka city for the second successive day comes as a result of the repeated hostile acts of the Turkish occupation mercenaries of terrorist organizations on the power lines feeding Allouk Water Station.

“The high voltage power line that feeds Allouk Station in occupied Ras al-Ain has witnessed repeated electricity cut off due to being attacked by the Turkish occupation mercenaries, the issue that causes a delay in filling in the main tanks at al- Hemma – station ,thus a delay at pumping the water to civilians at the city center” source at the water establishment told SANA reporter.

In the same context ,local source told SANA that Turkish occupation mercenaries started to steal electricity randomly from the line feeding Allouk wells for their own interests in the lands and properties they seized from their original owners under the threat of weapon, the issue that affected operating the station and exacerbated the locals suffering.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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