Arab lawyers condemn terrorist crimes in Syria

Cairo, SANA – Arab lawyers condemned the regionally and internationally backed terrorism and the crimes of terrorists in Syria.

In a statement following the activities of the 23rd conference of the Arab Lawyers’ Union in Cairo on Sunday, the lawyers also condemned the support provided by the Justice and Development Party government in Turkey to terrorists through facilitating their movement to Syria across the Turkish territories, reiterating their rejection of all forms of interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

They denounced the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and voiced support to the national reconciliation processes made by the Syrian state. They also condemned the decision to suspend Syria’s membership in the Arab League.

In a statement to SANA reporter in Cairo, Head of the Lawyers Syndicate in Syria Nizar al-Skeif said that  the conference which concluded its activities in Cairo yesterday was a success, with the Syrian delegation exposing the reality of the events taking place in Syria and the terrorism affecting it as well as the states which fund and support it.

The final statement of the conference expressed full support to Syria as it condemned the fierce war waged against it and the unjust blockage imposed on its people.

For his part, lawyer Omran al-Zawi from the Syrian delegation stressed the important role of the Union in supporting Arab issues and unifying viewpoints as it represents wide segment of the Arab people.

In turn, Iraqi lawyer Muzahem al-Jabbouri said that the Syrian delegation succeeded in its mission as was clearly evident in the conference’s final statement, calling upon the Syrian people to rally around their leadership and army.

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