Jordan clarifies a set of measures after reopening Jaber-Nassib border crossing

Amman, SANA- Implementing the decision to reopen Jaber-Nassib border crossing has started and work has been resumed in it at full capacity, Director of the Jordanian Jaber Border Center with Syria, Colonel Moayed al-Zoubi said.

“The traffic of freight and passengers at Jaber-Nassib border center began on Wednesday morning with the implementation of a set of measures such as canceling the reciprocal transportation process, and the direct entry or exit for freight vehicles or passenger buses after inspection and checking procedures,” al-Zoubi clarified in a radio interview.

He added “The transit trucks will be allowed to enter Jordan heading for Saudi Arabia and to exit from Jordan heading for Syria.”

The Jordanians will be allowed to leave heading for the Syrian side on board public transport vehicles and buses without prior approval by the Interior Ministry, as was the case before, and 100 trucks will be allowed to enter the border daily, and there is no specific number for passenger buses, al-Zoubi added.

He noted that the passengers and drivers, whether arriving or departing, should present a certificate with a negative COVID-19 test result carried out a maximum of 72 hours before arrival or they can present a certificate of taking two-dose COVID-19 vaccine and those don’t have the vaccination certificate will be examined within the borders.

On Monday, Jordanian Interior Ministry decided to reopen Jaber-Nassib center on the Jordanian-Syrian border, starting from Wednesday morning, according to the technical and logistical procedures for reopening it to the movement of freight and passengers.

The Ministry noted that the aim of this decision is to activating the trade and tourism movement between both brotherly countries.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-jazaeri

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