Lavrov: Charlie Hebdo magazine attackers were members of terrorist organizations in Syria

Moscow, SANA, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday that last Wednesday’s attack on a French Charlie Hebdo magazine was committed by terrorists who had been members of the West-backed terrorist organizations in Syria.

Seventeen people were killed in Paris and its neighborhoods in the terrorist attacks last Wednesday. Among them were 12 people from the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and five others including Amedi Coulibaly who was killed during the release of hostages he had been holding in a supermarket in Paris.

The two brothers (Cherif and Said Kouachi) who attacked the editorial office of the Paris magazine had mastered the art of terror in Syria, Russian TASS news Agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

Cooperation with the West on counter-terrorism has been suspended, meanwhile, terrorists do not suspend cooperation with each other, Lavrov said, warning that “terrorist activity knows no bounds”.

French Premier, Manuel Valls has said that 14 hundred French citizens left or willing to leave for Syria and Iraq to join terrorist organizations.

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