80 -year-old Syrian woman of an exceptional ambition, graduates from Faculty of Letters & Humanities

Lattakia, SANA- Najla Bourgol is an 80 –year-old grandmother. At age 50, she passed a literacy exam, and later she obtained the degrees of basic and secondary education; all that after she gave birth and raised 10 children.

As she approached her eighties, Najla, Um Hisham graduated from the Department of Libraries and Information at Tishreen University in Lattakia.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad met Najlaa Burghul and heard from her a story of extraordinary ambition.

Najla spoke about her spirit of challenge and determination which frustration and despair did not know way to her and that embodies the strength of the Syrian woman and her adherence to the determination of life and challenge of cruel conditions.

Najla ‘s dream did not stop at this success and she aspires to continue her master’s studies because the journey of science and study does not stop at a certain age.

Hybah / Shaza

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