Abdul-Hadi: 60,000 food packages delivered to Yarmouk Camp

Damascus, SANA – In cooperation with the Syrian government, up to 60,000 food packages were delivered to Yarmouk Camp which has been seized by the takfiri terrorist organizations.

In a statement to SANA, Director of the Political Bureau of Palestinian Liberation Organization in Damascus Anwar Abdul-Hadi said that in addition to delivering the food packages, 7,000 people with medical conditions were evacuated from the Camp.

He noted that the terrorist organizations have been preventing the entry of aid and relief supplies to the Camp for over five weeks in a desperate attempt to pressure its people and accuse the Palestinian Liberation Organization of failing to fulfill its duties towards the Palestinian refugees, which in turn will put pressure on the Syrian government.

On Saturday, terrorists targeted with gunfire the UNRWA and the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) representatives upon their arrival to the site of distributing humanitarian aid in al-Rama Street in the Camp.

Abdul-Hadi noted that resolving the crisis in the Camp requires dealing with the issue of the gunmen in the surrounding areas of al-Hajar al-Aswad, al-Tadamoun and Yelda, as they form supply lines for the terrorists in the Camp.

He also highlighted the joint efforts exerted by the Organization and the Syrian government to provide aid to the residents of Yarmouk Camp and suggest proposals to implement initiatives for removing weapons and gunmen from it.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh


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