Health Ministry asks hospitals to be fully prepared to meet emergency health needs of Coronavirus patients

 Damascus, SANA- The Health Ministry issued a circular to its directorates and hospitals of public bodies, stressing the need for the supervising health cadres to adhere to the actual presence and to increase the number of beds for the benefit of the Coronavirus pandemic patients in the isolation department and to move to plan B when necessary, in view of the requirements of the current stage and in a manner that ensures a state of full preparedness for the work of hospitals to meet emergency health needs for citizens.

In its circular, the ministry underlined the importance of securing the supplies of isolation and care departments with all that is necessary, especially oxygen, prevention supplies and medicines, securing trained cadres to deal with patients in the isolation and care department, implementing a plan to summon cadres in case of emergency, and operating hospitals with maximum energy.

The Ministry stressed the need to review the oxygen supply plan to ensure the continuation of work to the maximum required level, to secure alternative and backup sources, to carry out the required maintenance, and to intensify the shifts of the laboratory department, especially those responsive to patients in the isolation and care departments.

The Ministry called for deploying ambulances within the province with the required health staff, so that the required response is achieved in emergency cases.

The Ministry indicated that all hospitals concerned with the issue of Coronavirus patients must receive all suspected cases, not reject any of them, provide all investigational and diagnostic tests and possible emergency treatment, and then act accordingly under the supervision of the supervising specialist doctor, and follow up on resident doctors.

The Ministry added that the residency system is applied to all resident doctors and sub-residents in terms of working hours and shifts, the investment of anesthesiologists and anesthesia technicians in all care departments, especially those designated for Coronavirus patients, and the investment of the nursing staff in the surgical complex for the benefit of the isolation department.

Bushra Dabin / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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