President al-Assad affirms important role of Arab Lawyers’ Union in boosting the Arab Nationalism concept

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a delegation of participants in the meeting of the Permanent office of the Arab Lawyers’ Union.

Talks during the meeting dealt with a number of issues and topics that concern the Arab people, and the basic role that the popular syndicates and organizations have to assume in this regard as to contribute to putting the basic visions and titles regarding these issues and create dialogues about them with different spectrum of the Arab societies.

President al-Assad affirmed the importance of intellectual role the Arab Lawyers’ union has to play to boost the Arab nationalism concept through opening dialogues to confront trends which market for the loss of belonging and identity.

The President considered that without identity and belonging, the nationalism concept becomes a mere ideology which is empty from any contents, referring to the importance of the Arabic language as a basic factor that unifies Arab peoples.

For their part, members of the visiting delegation said that the Arab Lawyers Union has been keen on convening its meeting in Syria as it is the state from which the notion of founding the Union has emerged, and as Syria stands in the first rank to defend the Arab causes, on top, the Palestinian cause.

They hailed the resilience of the Syrian people during the last ten years in the face of blockade, economic and military terrorism, and the Syrian people’s determination to go ahead in production and rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism.

Mazen Eyon

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