Syrian expatriate runner Imad Barakat ranks seventh in Slovakia Marathon

Bratislava, SANA- Syrian expatriate runner Imad Barakat won the 7th place in Slovakia Marathon for a distance of sixteen kilometers, with the participation of 129 runners from Europe and of all ages.

Runner Barakat was born in Damascus in 1963 and moved in 1999 to live in Slovakia. Despite holding Slovak citizenship, he insists on representing his homeland, Syria, in international marathons and raising its flag in all competitions.

Next month, Barakat will participate in the world championship that will be held in the Alps in Switzerland, knowing that he has gained many achievements, most notably the title of the world championship in the Moroccan Sahara desert race in 2013 for a distance of 250 km and second place in the world championship in the Omani desert race for a distance of 165 km four times in a row and fourth place in Austria International Marathon for a distance of 75 km and the third place for seven years in marathon races that were held in Slovakia and other European countries.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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