Peskov: Atmosphere ahead of upcoming Putin-Biden summit positive

Moscow, SANA- Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the atmosphere ahead of the upcoming summit today between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden as positive.

Sputnik quoted Peskov as telling journalists that a number of issues will be discussed during the meeting, which will bring together the presidents of the two countries, such as the issue of arms control that goes beyond the framework of relations between the two countries after the START III treaty was extended.

Peskov affirmed the need to start negotiations in this regard quickly, stressing that “Putin will be absolutely clear in defining the red lines for Russia, especially in such talks.”

On the Ukrainian issue and the possibility of Biden talking about Ukraine’s joining NATO, Peskov said that “Putin will announce Russia’s position on this during the talks,” adding that “to understand the strength of the contradictions in relations between Russia and the United States, we must sit at the negotiating table, and this is what will happen today.”

Putin and Biden are scheduled to meet in the Swiss capital, Geneva, later today, to discuss Russian-US relations and strategic stability, as well as combating the coronavirus pandemic and settling regional conflicts.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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