Syrian- Russian Businessmen Virtual Forum discusses bilateral cooperation

Damascus, SANA-Activities of the virtual forum for Syrian and Russian businessmen under the title “Syria and Russia: Possibilities and Prospects” focused on developing relations between businessmen in the two countries to increase the trade exchange and economic cooperation.

The forum was held by Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry and Center for the Development of Innovative Projects in Moscow within the activities of the Business Forum 2021.

It included tenders by Syrian and Russian companies on the prospects for bilateral cooperation in the field of textile production with the possibility of settling production in Syria and the importance of exhibitions in creating suitable conditions for the development of cooperation between Russia and Syria.

The discussions focused on cooperation in the field of rehabilitating and developing the Syrian radio and TV transmission systems, investing renewable energy in Syria, and organizing the joint production of the vaccine against Covid -19 in Syria.

Head of Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry ,Samer al-Dibs, said during the virtual forum of the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus that the Syrian-Russian economic relations were established according to a set of agreements and protocols to facilitate and encourage trade exchange and economic and scientific cooperation in the fields of energy, irrigation, agriculture, industry, transportation, and to strengthen official trade relations with Syria.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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