Sabbagh: Western- French draft resolution submitted to Conference of OPCW is a dangerous precedent

New York, SANA – Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, affirmed that the Western- French draft resolution submitted to the Conference of States Parties in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is a new breach of the Chemical Weapons Convention that market false conclusions with the aim of creating pretexts for committing hostile acts against Syria and encouraging terrorist organizations to fabricate new plays about the use of chemical weapons and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of it.

During an informal session of Security Council on Friday via video upon an initiative of Russia, about “Raising the non-proliferation system and protecting developing countries from pressure,” Sabbagh said that the United States, France and Britain exerted pressure to illegally establish the so-called ‘investigation and identification team’ then to cover up its unprofessional practices and later depending on its misleading report to submit a draft resolution to the Conference of States Parties to the organization, are all clear evidence to target Syria by turning the OPCW into a platform to its hostile policies.

Sabbagh stressed that Syria categorically rejects false accusations against it, adding that it calls on all countries in the International Community to uncover those fabricated allegations and not to be dragged into that Western endeavor to turn the OPCW into a platform for the US and its allies and exert pressure, market lies to target a state party in the agreement.

He said that voting against the draft resolution will not only be in favor of Syria, but it will be in the interest of all states that defend the principles of the agreement and other international criteria.

Sabbagh pointed out that Syria shares concerns about the danger facing the Non- Prohibition system and the challenges resulting from the unprecedented manipulation by governments of some member states, particularly the US which provides the Israeli occupation with all forms of weapons of mass destruction.

MHD Ibrahim/ Hybah / Mazen Eyon


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