Prime Minister: Government makes sustained efforts to improve service situation in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA- Prime Minister Hussein Arnous stressed that the government makes sustained efforts to promote the service and development situation in Aleppo province through implementation of a package of projects which positively affect the living condition of the citizens.

Meeting the service, social and economic boards and members of the People’s Assembly in Aleppo city, Arnous pointed out that the most important projects which have been carried out in the province are the rehabilitation of the first and fifth groups of the thermal plant with a cost of SYP 500 billion to generate 400 MW and the project of establishing the Photovoltaic power plant in in the industrial city of Aleppo in Sheikh Najjar with a capacity of 33 megawatts and a cost of SYP 160 billion.

Arnous called for investing in the alternative and clean energy through the participation of the private sector, indicating to the exerted efforts in regard to finding solution of the problem of the oil derivatives by the end of the current month.

The meeting also dealt with other service and developmental issues.

Hala Zain

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