Two youths shot dead by QSD militant in Hasaka countryside after rejecting forcible recruitment

Hasaka, SANA-Two young men were shot dead and another one was wounded after opening fire on them by a militant from the US occupation backed- QSD militia due to their rejection to be recruited to fight among the militia’s ranks, as they were held in one of the militia’s positions in al-Yarubiya area in Hasaka countryside after they had been kidnapped.

Local source told SANA reporter that “an official from the so-called (Self-Defense Duty), affiliated with QSD militia in al-Yarubiya in Hasaka northeastern countryside, opened fire directly on three kidnapped young men who were held at one of the militia’s centers as they rejected the forcible recruitment among its ranks, causing the martyrdom of two of them and wounding the third one.

The source added that the three young men were from Deir Ezzor locals who fled from the crimes of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization over the past years.

The militia has been launching campaigns of kidnapping young men in the areas it controls, and it has been forcing those young men to join its training camps and to fight among its ranks to serve the US division scheme in the region.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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