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Adventurers challenge stormy atmosphere in rocky valley in Jablah countryside

Lattakia , SANA -45 adventurers challenged the stormy atmospheres in the area of rocky valley , marching through and climbing  despite of thunder storms ,heavy rains and severe floods.    

The participants came from several Syrian provinces going through challenge beside the personnel of Syrian adventurer team affiliated to Higher Committee for external activities in Syrian Arab Sport Federation.

For the third day, the participants have tried their ability to adapt with nature in the hard weather conditions and the importance of commitment and cooperation for success and survival.

“The atmosphere was relatively warm and clear in the beginning of the hike, but when we arrived at the camp site and finished from preparing the place and went to slept , the rains started to fall ,the river level rose  and infiltrated into tents, coach of the team , Ibrahim Saud said.

Hybah/ Mazen

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