Former Turkish Minister: Erdogan’s support for terrorists in Syria makes Turkey in isolation and dilemma

Ankara, SANA- Turkey’s former Foreign Minister, Yaşar Yakış, confirmed that the Head of  the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is responsible for the problems that Turkey is suffering from due to his policies supporting for terrorists, especially in Syria.

In a statement on Friday, Yakış said that Erdogan’s support for terrorists in Syria made Turkey in “an isolation and a difficult dilemma”, demanding the president of regime to back down on his wrong policies towards Syria.

Last month, leaked documents from the Supreme Criminal Court in Ankara revealed  information about Erdogan’s regime attempt to blur out evidence of his involvement in providing Daesh terrorist organization with weapons in a new proof that confirms the strong relation between his regime and the terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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