Syrians: Recent terrorist attacks a form of US, Turkish support to terrorists

Provinces, SANA- Syrian citizens from different provinces held the states which support terrorism, on top the US and the Turkish regime, responsible for supporting terrorist organizations to launch attacks against the Syrian people, the latest of which was the terrorist attack on transport means in the Syrian al-Badia “semi-desert” region which caused the martyrdom and injury of a number of citizens and army personnel.

In interviews with SANA’s reporters in Aleppo, Quneitra, Lattakia and Palmyra in Homs countryside, the citizens affirmed their full support to the Syrian Arab Army to eliminate the remnants of terrorist organizations and their cells which are backed by the US and Turkey in the Syrian al-Badia region.

They asserted that the coward terrorist attacks are a form of the US and Turkish support to the terrorists through training them and supplying them with weapons and information to carry out their attacks.

In Aleppo province, Head of Aleppo Cultural Directorate Jaber al-Sajour stressed that these terrorist attacks aim to achieve the Turkish ancient greed in the region as Turkey has recruited terrorists and provided logistic support for them as the terrorist groups which are positioned in the Syrian al-Badia frequently carry out attacks against citizens with the aim of undermining security and stability.

Sajour noted that all of these attempts have failed, and they will not be able to undermine the determination and the dignity of the state thanks to the Syrian people’s solidarity with their army and their love to their homeland.

Political and military analyst and researcher Kamal Jafa noted that the escalation of terrorist attacks is not strange in light of the US policies towards Syria, as they are not spontaneous attacks, but rather they came meticulously and in coordination with international intelligences because America supports terrorist organizations in Syria such as Daesh “ISIS” and Jabhat al-Nusra and QSD militia.

In Quneitra province, citizen Hamza Suleiman asserted that terrorism and the unjust economic siege are tools used by the colonial West to exert pressure on the Syrian people.

In Lattakia, Head of the Journalists Union’s branch in the province Ibrahim Shaaban said that these terrorist attacks are crimes that come in the framework of a terrorist scheme that has continued for more than ten years.

Shaaban noted that the Syrian state and its brave army which has eliminated terrorism from most regions are able to face and eradicate terrorists no matter what the protection means and support provided to them by their American and Turkish operators.

Engineer Kinda Kousa indicated that the states which support terrorism, on top the US, are the ones who gave instructions to terrorists to target the citizens and the army soldiers.

She asserted that the Syrian Arab Army is able to put an end to these crimes and to eradicate terrorism from every inch of the Syrian territory.

In Palmyra, citizen Zaher al-Alaiwi said “The coward terrorist attacks are one of the forms of the US and Turkish support to terrorists through training them and supplying them with weapons and information to be able to carry out their attacks.”

Meanwhile, laborer Farih Qassem affirmed that the Syrian people stand by their army and leadership to foil the US schemes.

Teacher Amal Matar expressed confidence in the ability of the Syrian Arab Army to complete the process of eradicating terrorism from every inch of the Syrian territories.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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