Militia QSD kidnaps a number of civilians in countryside of Raqqa and Hasaka

Raqqa, Hasaka, SANA_ US-backed QSD militia shot at a gathering of citizens in city of al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka.

Local sources said that a woman was seriously injured while QSD militia was dispersing a gathering of civilians in front of the Al-Jazira fuel station in the city of Al-Shaddadi to denounce the criminal practices of the militia against the people in the Syrian Jazira region.

The sources mentioned that armed men from QSD militia raided houses of citizens in the town of Al-Jarniya, west of Raqqa, and kidnapped a number of young men and drove them at gunpoint to training camps to forcibly recruit them in the ranks of the militia.

Local sources indicated that in northern countryside of Hasaka, armed groups of the QSD militia raided Al-Jawadiyah district and kidnapped a number of young men, taking them to an unknown destination in preparation to recruit and train them to fight in its ranks.

Shaza al Ashkar/Gh. A. Hassoun

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