Mikdad: The West must correct its deadly approach in the world

Moscow, SANA_ Foreign and Expatriate Minister Dr. Faysal Mikdad said on Saturday that Syrian-Russian relations are strategic and historical and will be further enhanced in the future.

Mikdad stressed, in an interview with SANA reporter in Moscow at the end of his official visit to Russia, that the countries that supported terrorism and crimes committed in Syria must pay the price and the West should correct its deadly approach in the world.

“The important thing for Syria and Russia is to boost their relations, and there is a desire for this as expressed by Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin,” he said.

The Minister added that the talks with Russian officials were in-depth about the current situation in Syria and Russia’s support for it in the fight against terrorism.

“Also, we reviewed the areas of economic, cultural and scientific cooperation between the two countries, and this will be consolidated in the future,” he clarified.

Mikdad indicated that the Syrian people are grateful for what friends offer them particularly Russia.

He clarified that some Syrian delegations visited Russia, over the past weeks, with the aim of deepening commercial, economic, cultural, scientific and development relations.

The Minister said: “I see a real development in those relations and Syrians will feel that in the upcoming weeks and months,” he added.

“Unilateral coercive measures against Syria are inhumane and can be classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity,” the Foreign Minister said in response to a question about US sanctions.

He urged Western countries to correct their deadly approach towards developing countries in the world and not to pursue their interests through inhumane methods contrary to international humanitarian law.

Mikdad pointed out that the US policies are inhumane, calling on the Western states to correct their deadly approach and not Looking for their interests through inhuman methods that are considered violation of the International law.

As for reconstruction process in Syria, Mikdad affirmed that Syria has witnessed devastation at the hands of terrorist groups and on the instructions of their operators in the Western countries, whether in the US or in Western Europe and some countries in the region, and this devastation is very significant and therefore these sides have to pay the price of these crimes.

As for the Russian stance in rejection of the US and Turkish occupations of parts of Syria, Mikdad said that the Russian policy is clear and it adopts this policy at security council, in other UN institutions and in the International and regional forums, Russia applies what it says, believes in justice, and believes in the International law while the Western countries use international law to practice hypocrisy.

Mikdad stressed that the administration of the outgoing US President Donald Trump has caused world-wide destruction.

He said that “the Americans sabotaged the International organizations and the equations that have been built since the end of the second world war so far destroyed the international system, the relations between the U S and the countries of the world are not based on mutual consent and desire, but rather It is based on US threats, whether by imposing unilateral coercive sanctions or through military pressure.”.

Mikdad clarified that if the new US administration wanted to work for a safe world, far from threatening and pushing towards wars, it must eliminate these policies and go for another policy consistent with the UN Charter and with the International cooperation principle in various fields and with the sovereignty and independence of world countries.

As for the actions of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Mikdad said that “The organization not only works against Syria, but also works against Russia and it has become a politicized organization run by Western countries.”

Concerning the work of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution, Mikdad affirmed that the Syrian people want a Syrian constitution, made by Syria, in which the Syrians participate, and a constitution that expresses the sovereignty of Syria and the unity of its territories, stressing that we agree with this committee being the master of itself and that the Syrian constitution must be drafted within the interests of the Syrian people and without any external interference.

MHD Ibrahim/ GH.A.Hassoun/ Mazen Eyon



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