Girl child dies due to lack of medical care in QSD-controlled al-Hawl Camp

Hasaka, SANA_ One girl child has died due to the lack of the health care at al-Hawl Camp in Hasaka eastern countryside, which is controlled by the US occupation-backed QSD militia.

SANA reporter, quoting civil sources, said that a girl child died due to lack of health care at al-Hawl camp, which is witnessing a state of continuous deterioration of the conditions of its residents, severe shortage of water and food, and bad health conditions that led to the outbreak of diseases, especially among children.

The detainees in al-Hawl camp, the majority of whom are women and children, live in catastrophic conditions at all levels, as diseases and epidemics are spread due to the lack of health care.

The terrible deteriorated situation at the camp caused the death of dozens of children in addition to the spread of chaos and the increase of crimes and murder inside the camp which is encircled by the militants of the US occupation forces-backed-QSD militia.


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