Sabbagh sends letters to UN Secretary General, international parliamentary bodies condemning Turkish regime crime of cutting off water to Hasaka

Damascus, SANA- People’s Assembly Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh has sent 37 letters on behalf of the People’s Assembly to the UN Secretary-General, heads of the international parliamentary unions and the regional and Arab parliamentary associations in which he denounced the continued crime perpetrated by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries which is represented in cutting off the drinking water to more than a million citizens in Hasaka province, calling for exerting pressure on it to stop its crimes against the safe population.

In his letters, Sabbagh said “We at the People’s Assembly express our denunciation and condemnation of the continued heinous crime committed by the Turkish occupation which cuts off water from Alouk plant which is considered the main source for providing drinking water to more than a million people in Hasaka City and the residential compounds affiliated to it, and this has started from the 30th of the last month.”

Sabbagh noted that since the Turkish regime occupied Ras al-Ayn area in which Alouk plant is located, it has cut off water 17 times, and no one can remain silent while the gross and systematic violations of human rights continue against the safe civilian population in Hasaka City and its environs.

Sabbagh affirmed that the Turkish regime using water as a weapon of war against the Syrian civilians to achieve political and military gains without taking into consideration the minimum humanitarian needs of the locals in this area is considered a war crime and a blatant aggression and violation of all the international pacts, conventions and norms.

He added that this immoral and inhuman practices outrageously contradict the principles and goals of the UN and the provisions of the international law and the international humanitarian law, as well as the relevant Security Council’s resolutions.

Sabbagh, in his letters, called on the UN, representatives of the UN member states, heads of the international parliamentary unions and regional and Arab parliamentary associations to condemn and denounce the Turkish aggression and occupation of parts of the Syrian territory in general, and the process of repeatedly cutting off drinking water to more than a million citizens from the locals of Hasaka City, and to exert all possible forms of pressure on the Turkish regime to stop this heinous crime and to re-operate Alouk water plant to allow water to reach the locals in Hasaka and the surrounding residential compounds, and to put an end to the violations committed by the Turkish occupation.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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