In face of Turkish regime crimes…governmental efforts, civil initiatives to secure drinking water for Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA-With the continuation of the crime of cutting off water by the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries to Hasaka City and the western countryside of the province by halting the work of Alouk water station, the governmental bodies have intensified their efforts to secure drinking water for citizens through private tankers and through filling water tanks which spread across the city on a daily basis.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has supported the governmental efforts, in addition to launching civil initiatives to secure adequate quantities of water to mitigate the impact of the crime against humanity committed by the Turkish occupation which threatens the lives of a million citizens by stopping the work of the station which is their only water source for nearly 22 days.

In a statement to SANA reporter,  Hasaka Water Institution Director-General, Eng. Mahmoud al-Okleh, said that ” as a result of cutting off water by the Turkish occupation to Hasaka City and its western countryside, the  institution  is cooperating with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and a number of humanitarian organizations operating in the province to provide drinking water through tankers with the aim of securing the needs of citizens by filling the tanks which spread in different areas across Hasaka City , as the number of the tanks which have been filled reached up to  100. “

Al-Okleh pointed out that the institution is currently intensifying its efforts to expand the cooperation with these organizations in order to increase the number of water tanks and to cover the needs of new parts of Hasaka City and the surrounding neighborhoods, in addition to increasing the quantities of potable water to fill these tanks.

Head of Hasaka City Council, Eng. Adnan Khajou, clarified in a similar statement that “The Council is working to secure water for household uses on a daily basis through two tanks which work all day long to secure the needs of people and by operating 5 surface wells.”

Khajou indicated that “next week, the City Council will start to dig 28 new surface wells in different areas of Hasaka City to use their water for the same purpose.”

In a relevant context, a number of Hasaka locals have launched several civil initiatives to secure drinking water in a way that has reflected the state of cooperation and social solidarity in light of the water crisis that the city is suffering.

Citizen Ahmad al-Issa, has worked on providing drinking water to the locals through a number of tankers which have distributed water within the city’s neighborhoods, while citizen Ibrahim Yunis has provided drinking water to the locals through four tankers.

Yunis told SANA that “humanitarian and charitable initiatives are required from all of those who are able to do so with the aim of supporting the governmental efforts in securing drinking water and alleviating the suffering of the citizens which came as a result of cutting off water by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries for more than twenty days.”

The Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries continue to commit crimes against civilians in a number of areas where they have displaced the locals, seized their properties, and stolen the electricity, in addition to stopping the work of Alouk water station, and cutting off drinking water repeatedly in a time when the international community remains silent towards these crimes.

Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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