US occupation troops aim to prevent Syrian state from imposing control over all of its territory, Jeffrey admits

Washington, Damascus, SANA- A new American admission came to expose the real goal of the US Administration from keeping its occupying forces in some of the Syrian areas which is to prevent the state from imposing its full control over its territory away from the fake slogans which claim that those forces are fighting Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization.

James Jeffrey, who has resigned from his post as an envoy of the US administration to Syria, in an interview published Sunday by one of the Israeli newspapers, announced that the goal of the US occupation for Syrian territories is to prevent the Syrian state from imposing its control over all of its territories.

Jeffrey added that the US through the presence of its occupying forces in the Syrian al-Jazeera region and in al-Tanf area imposed a “stalemate in the field.”

Over the past years, the US administration has claimed that it came to Syria to fight Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization in framework of the so-called “International Coalition” which it had formed outside the International Security Council and the international legitimacy.

More than once, Washington has announced that it has eliminated Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization, but most of Daesh attacks against posts of the Syrian Arab Army have been launched from areas where the US occupation forces are deployed.

Jeffrey’s admission is added to the admission made by Donald Trump who has announced at many press conferences that his occupying forces which are deployed in Syria are there to protect the oil fields which have been pillaged by the US in collusion with QSD militia.

Last year, Trump announced more than once the withdrawal of the US troops deployed in Syria, but later he backed down and said that a number of American soldiers would remain in the areas that contain oil wells.

Stealing the Syrian oil and preventing the Syrian Arab Army from regaining control over all the Syrian territories are two American goals for the presence of the occupation, and a third goal can be added to them which is the unjust siege of which Jeffrey last year boasted saying that it raised the prices of the citizens’ basic needs and led to the drop of the Syrian Pound.

The frequent American admissions about the real goals of the American involvement in supporting terrorism in Syria and the occupation of some areas in it reveal the reality of the aggressive intentions of the American administration towards the Syrian state and its people, which is an admission of bullying against countries that do not follow its dictations under flimsy and unfounded allegations.’

Dozens of media and intelligence reports, including a previous report by the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), exposed in figures the funding provided to terrorist organizations by successive American administrations, especially Daesh “ISIS”, and have confirmed Washington’s involvement in aggravating and igniting wars in the region through supporting terrorism and spreading chaos in it.

Jeffrey’s admission also included the real role of the Turkish regime in the war on Syria and its people, as he confirmed in his interview that the Turkish occupation forces are doing the same thing in northern Syria and that the aggressive coalition against Syria also includes the Israeli occupation entity that has launched successive aerial attacks in support of terrorists.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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