“Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons ” Conference kicks off in Vienna with Syria’s participation

Vienna, SANA – Activities of the ” Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons” conference kicked off Tuesday, with Syria’s participation, to discuss the potentially catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz warned, in a speech during the conference, against the devastating effects of nuclear weapons, calling on exerting more efforts to stop its proliferation.

He said that time has come to reach a world without nuclear weapons as in any such war there will only be losers, welcoming the participation of the US and the UK in the conference after they had declined to participate in two previous similar events.

The Syrian delegation to the conference is headed by Syria’s Ambassador in Austria and the UN Permanent Representative in Vienna Bassam Sabbagh.

About 800 persons from over 160 countries are also taking part in the event to discuss the risks posed by 16,300 nuclear heads in the world.

Mohammad Nassr

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