People’s Assembly approves amendment on Ministry of Culture law

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly approved a draft law amending some provisions of Law No. 197 for 1958 on regulating the Ministry of Culture.

The amendments included replacing certain phrases with others to keep up with the political and social developments witnessed recently in Syria.

Members of the People’s Assembly listened to the answers of the Ministers of Education and Higher Education on queries regarding public and private universities and the educational level in both sectors.

MPs also requested the reconsideration of the level of services provided to citizens in al-Mouwasat Hospital and repairing medical equipment which is out of service.

Other MPs called for providing medicine for chronic diseases and cancer patients, as the steep prices of these types of medicine increase burdens on citizens, indicating to the possibility of purchasing them from Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America at reasonable prices in comparison to western countries.

Minister of Higher Education Mohammad Amer Mardini noted that the Ministry is currently studying the situation of private universities through a special committee formed for this purpose.

He said that al-Mowasat Hospital in Damascus receives around 500 emergency cases per day which affects to some extent the quality of services provided to citizens, adding that the Ministry is discussing the repairing of medical equipment which is out of service in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Regarding cancer medicine, he noted that the Ministry doesn’t have the funds needed to purchase it currently.

In turn, Education Minister, Hazwan al-Waz, reviewed the Ministry’s procedures to improve exams system, addressing the MPs queries on cheating in exams.

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