Russia urges International Community to back reconstruction process in Syria

Moscow, SANA_ Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that the international conference on the return of Syrian refugees, which concluded on Thursday in Damascus, is the beginning of a regular joint action with the International Community that seeks to apply the United Nations Security Council’s resolution No. 2254

“The Syrian government began to implement settlement measures on a large scale in the country and continues to confront the remnants of international terrorism and the plans of the occupiers of the Syrian territory, especially the US forces, which continue their provocative actions by supporting separatist tendencies to hinder the liberation of the country and prevent the return of Syrian refugees and displaced people, ” Zakharova said at her weekly press conference in Moscow on Friday.

She added that, on top of these measures is the repatriation of Syrian refugees who were forced to seek a safe haven for them outside the country as a result of the terrorist war imposed on Syria.

Zakharova explained that completing that task requires enormous potential and capabilities and providing adequate living conditions for returnees, in terms of housing, work, schools and hospitals, which is why the Syrian government is implementing these measures while Syria’s enemies continue trying to suffocate it economically.

The Russian spokeswoman explained that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by Washington and European countries on Syria are intensified from time to time under flimsy slogans and fabricated pretexts such as “defending the Syrian people”, especially the so-called “Caesar Law” aimed at preventing trade with Syria and imposing a financial and economic blockade.

She stressed that such hostile and illegal actions increase the determination of Syria and its people to defy difficulties and make more efforts to rebuild and provide aid to innocent civilian citizens.

The Russian Diplomat stressed that even the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is not taken into consideration by Washington as a humanitarian reason to ease its inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people.

She urged the international community to support and help Syria in the reconstruction process, saying: “It is clear that it will not be easy to do this by the Syrian Government alone, but requires, in particular, international support and assistance.

Zakharova indicated that the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees and Displaced Persons, in which 27 countries and organizations participated, is a step to restore normalcy to Syria.

She regretted that the United Nations only attended the conference as an observer.

The Russian spokeswoman added that the United States and its close allies calling, resolutely, to boycott the conference under the pretext of preserving the interests of the Syrian people have once again proved their adherence to double standard policy regarding Syria.

H. Sleman/Ghossoun


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