International newspapers: Trump lost elections due to his reckless policies

Capitals, SANA- International newspapers have confirmed that Donald Trump’s defeat in the US presidential elections constitutes a resounding defeat that came as a result of his reckless policies that he pursued during the past years, while the German newspaper Bild newspaper carried a photo of Trump with the headline: “Exit without decency” to describe Trump’s defeat.

While the newspaper “Bild” welcomed the victory of Joe Biden in the elections, it referred to a ” Exit without decency ” for Trump, who refuses to acknowledge his defeat and pledges to continue the struggle.

The newspaper said, “He lost, but he does not want to go … The current US president is still clinging to power with conspiracy theories … They won’t help him.”

“What a liberation, what a relief: the votes are counted, the days of Donald Trump too. Joe Biden inherits a heavy load like no other of his predecessors: he must unite America”, also notes the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, who is writing “Decision” in one.

The task that awaits the Democratic president nevertheless promises to be overwhelming, notes the centrist German weekly Die German weekly Die zeit. “Joe Biden will have to quickly find answers to the threats hanging over the economy and the acute danger of the pandemic, he develops. That he alone can reconcile the country is unlikely… That Donald Trump accepts defeat is unthinkable… We have not yet finished trembling for democracy “, he warns.

Meanwhile, the British Guardian Newspaper described the result of the American elections as the end of Trump’s war on the truth as since he came into office, Trump posed a threat to democracy, noting that Trump’s wild, relentless post-poll fight against reality has just shown how dangerous he can be.

In an editorial, the newspaper, added that the fact Trump lost the popular vote by millions of votes and only America’s outdated electoral college has saved him from a crushing defeat. The president should be preparing to leave the White House, not be instructing his lawyers.

For months it has been obvious that Trump would claim victory and fraud should he lose the election. He has refused to say he would accept a peaceful transfer of power. The polls, he claimed, could not be trusted. Without a shred of shame, Trump appears willing to challenge the validity of the vote in any state he loses, seeking to undermine the electoral process and ultimately invalidate it.

It went on saying that the US is passing through a dangerous moment. There’s no evidence of widespread illegal votes in any state. Yet a fully-fledged constitutional crisis over the process of counting ballots is on the cards because Trump is demanding recounts and court cases while conditioning his base to view the election in existential terms.

In turn, the British Newspaper Daily Telegraph, indicated in an article by former US National Security Adviser John Bolton that the Republican Party is now under examination. Either it rejects Trump’s false allegations and the Republicans demand him to present evidence before the courts, or they will be dragged behind his delusions, thus tarnishing their reputation and the reputation of the party.

In a related context, the American Washington Post newspaper warned that the United States is living in a dangerous moment and stressed that it has not happened in recent history that an outgoing president behaves disgracefully as Trump did.

The newspaper pointed out that Trump raised many unfounded allegations of election fraud instead of conceding as would anyone interested in democracy.

The newspaper reported that a frustrated number of Republicans echoed Trump’s statements questioning the elections and the vote counting process, arguing that there is no excuse for politicians to exaggerate the lies sarcastically while promoting unfounded conspiracy theories and in the end there is no compromise between the truth and Trump’s lies.

As for the British newspaper, The Sunday Times, it wrote sarcastically about what Trump described the election’s winner Joe Biden during the election campaign as “A sleepy atmosphere awakens America” and echoing Biden’s words, “It’s time for America to recover.”

The Swedish Svenska Dagbladet newspaper indicated that the election ended, but the conflict is ongoing, saying “Half of the country, or at least half of those who voted, feel that there is a mistake after months of battles and calls to question the elections, and that the electoral system is fake and cannot be trusted … that there is no point in voting, and that the American democracy does not work anyway, and that the only person they can trust is the one who tells you that the elections were stolen from him.”

As for the Japanese newspaper “Japan Times”, it indicated that Biden faces a huge task of rebuilding confidence on the international stage.

Brazilian Folha de São Paulo Newspaper said that Trump’s defeat constitutes a “punishment for attacks on civilization”, warning of the lesson that this represents for other presidents.

The French newspaper “List Republican” also saw in the American cracks an increasing reflection of the defects of the West, and said, “American cracks are similar to those we witnessed in France during the yellow jackets crisis. If we can benefit from the American example, let us try exceptionally not to imitate it.”

French L’Est Républicain Newspaper also saw in the American cracks an increasing reflection of the defects of the West, and said, “American cracks are similar to those we witnessed in France during the yellow vests crisis. If we can benefit from the American example, let us try exceptionally not to imitate it.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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