Large amounts of weapons, ammo left behind by terrorists found in in the southern region

Damascus countryside, SANA- During the combing operations in the areas liberated by Syrian Arab Army from terrorism, the authorities concerned, in cooperation with citizens found large amounts of weapons and various ammo, some of which are western -made left behind by terrorists in the southern region.

A source told SANA that during the security follow-up and in cooperation with people in the southern region seized huge amounts of various weapons western -made.

The source pointed out that among the seized weapons were Russian medium machine guns, RPGs of 7 and 2 types, heavy, medium and light machine guns of 14.5 and 23 mm, anti-armor and thermal Anti-TAW missiles, in addition to mortar shells with charges of different calibers 60 and 82 Mm, defensive and offensive bombs, in addition to large quantities of various ammunitions.

The unities of army continued in cooperation with authorities concerned the combing operations of villages and towns in all areas which liberated from terrorism and secure them completely in order to preserve the lives of civilians.

Hybah /Mazen

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