5 million displaced Syrians returned to their homes, 18,000 houses rehabilitated

Damascus, SANA_ The People’s Assembly on Thursday discussed the work and current and future plans of Local Administration and Environment Ministry.

The discussion was made during the Assembly’s 10th session of the 1st ordinary round for the 3rd legislative term, chaired by Speaker Hammoudah Sabbagh.

Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf explained his ministry’s work plan and reaffirmed that 11 new artisanal zones were established in Tartous, Quneitra, Homs and Hama provinces at a cost of SYP 13 billion.

He revealed that 1,100 vehicles were imported, of which 708 for the cleaning sector, as some 200 buses were also imported as a donation from China.

The Minister pointed out that about 5 million displaced people returned to their liberated villages after rehabilitating the infrastructure and roads, collecting and deporting 4 million cubic meters of waste and debris from them, rehabilitating more than 19 thousand damaged homes, and implementing waste recycling projects that secured about 18 thousand job opportunities.



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