Remote workshop to enhance Russian Language teaching skills

Damascus, SANA- The Russian Cultural Center in Damascus on Thursday, in cooperation with Moscow State University, held a workshop by visual communication through the “Zoom” program, with the aim of qualifying and developing the skills of Russian Language teachers and professors in the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Director of the Russian Cultural Center, Nikolai Sekhov, explained in a statement to SANA reporter that the workshop, which includes 51 people, aims to teach the principles and rules of teaching the Russian Language and exchange experiences between university professors in Damascus and Moscow and the professors of some schools that teach Russian as a second language and introduce modern and advanced methods to teach them.

He pointed out that this workshop will be free of charge for all levels and classes of teachers, and Moscow University will provide the necessary books and curricula.

Sekhov pointed to the desire of Russian universities to learn the Arabic Language, as work is underway to coordinate with the Syrian universities to sign practical agreements and academic exchange between the two parties in this aspect, in addition to visiting Syria by Russian students to study the Arabic Language and do some voluntary work.

The director of the Russian Cultural Center at Damascus University, Haitham Mahmoud confirmed in his turn on the importance of the participation in the workshop for its role in rehabilitant the educational cadres in the Russian language and on acknowledge on the mechanism and on the modern manners of teaching and the necessary cadres to educational ministry with the specialists to teach them at schools.

Director of the Russian Center at Damascus University and the coordinator between the Russian and Syrian Ministries of Education, Spitlana Rudigina, explained that the Russian Language has entered schools since 2014 with 2,000 students, and today their number has reached 30,000 students and 182 Language teachers in more than 206 schools teaching Russian as a second language.

Nisreen Othman/ Gh . A. Hassson

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